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Tailored analysis, design, optimization and management services for the biotechnology sector


Explore the feasibility of your project from technology readiness level assessment (TRA), to strain development, optimization, valorization of your current waste streams, likelyhood of future scenaria and estimated returns.


The information your business requires, in the form it requires it. Supported by strong technical foundations, but stripped of technicalities.


Reality comes with a bottom line; whether that is in terms of ESG targets or financial returns, the impact of an endeavor should be measurable, to make success quantifiable. Whatever your bottom line is, to manage is to measure; and to lead is to manage right.

Orestis Thiseas Zachariadis

Founder and CEO, Agrivivia

Our Mission

To improve the efficiency of primary production chains through innovative technical services, better the lives of animals, and help society reach a sustainable future without unecessary sacrifices.


The world is not short on data; the difficulty lies in filtering useful information into a distillate of knowledge applicable to the task at hand. The first step is to know which data to collect, and how to use it.


We analyse the data of an operation with a hollistic approach, from financial to functional and qualitative, we apply simple and advanced mathematical approaches to get the best possible results.


It is simple to interpret a number as less than ideal, but to set the appropriate goals and milestones to reach them, one has to not only interpret but innovate. We develop new cost-effective approaches emphasising maximization of the reward-to-risk ratio of such endeavors.

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We are a technical and financial consulting firm for the biotechnology sector

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